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Why Govt is silent on issue of dowry or extravagant marriages? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sumanth   
Wednesday, 29 July 2009 20:28

In recent years, Indian Govt has worked hard to distance itself from the issue of "Dowry Exchanges and Extravagant Marriages" in some Indian Marriages. Even the Government Ministries and departments like National Commission for Women(NCW) and Ministry of Women and Children (WCD) do not wish to solve this issue. One has to wonder why?

There are many shameless people, who work for Indian Govt. These shameless people create policies for the Government. Who dictates these policies? The answer is: The business houses and economic forces.

If Govt appoint dowry prohibition officers, creates anti-dowry helplines and advertises against dowry in TV Channels, then dowry and extravagant marriages will stop in India.If that happens, then what will happen to consumer spendings during marriage seasons? What will happen to stock markets? Now, you can start to see how social evils are sustained by the shameless people.

There are about 75 lac marriages in India every year. The marriage spendings and spendings on dowry or stridhan items makes the finance minister and business houses happy. Govt does not want to lose all that money which contributes to increase in GDP. So, Govt has no comprehensive policy to eliminate dowry. In stead, it showcases draconian laws like section 498a of IPC, under which men, women, children and elders are arrested and sent to jail in a fascist fashion without trial or investigation. If section 498a is such a nobile law, then why the hell Govt does not advertise about its usgae in TV channels?

Indian Government runs in pathetic state. For example, it attempts to classify any death of women in unnatural circumstances as dowry death. For example, a woman dying in an accident, drowning, falling from a building or committing suicide is classified as a dowry death. What is needed is a mere claim by some greedy relatives of woman, who plan to extract huge sums of money from the woman's husband or his relatives. There are hardly 2000 convictions in dowry death cases in a year, even though it is very easy to convict people under the present anti-dowry laws.

In the meanwhile in a conference in Bangalore, the radical feminist organisations collected only 25 so called victims of dowry violence from all over India. One has to wonder, why it is so difficult for these fund chasing feminist organisations to get victims. May be, women want their parents to give dowry as they are denied their rightful share of parental or ancestral property in any case.

Every week, 60 men, who are subjected to domestic violence, extortion, property grabbing by their wives come to the meetings of "Save Indian Family Foundation" at Cubbon Park with their family and relatives. Lets compare that to 25 victims of dowry that the feminists collected after months of hard work.

It has been found that "Family Breaking and Divorce" increased GDP of the country. You may wonder how?

As joint family is broken into nuclear family and nuclear family is broken into single parent family, the purchase of houses/apartments and household articles increase. The selfish business houses and Brands in India and abroad know it very well. So, they spread hatred and intolerance in marriages in the name of women's freedom and empowerment.What matters for these selfish agencies is quarterly results, profits and boom in economy. They want all that by sacrificing happiness, peace and security of common people.

So, Government and Business establishments work hand in glove to manipulate people and create insecurity and unhappiness so that people can rush to courts and file cases on each other. So, they only give lip service to social issues like dowry or forced marriages.

If the Government has some self respect, then it will pass a law in parliament to ban forced marriages and honour killing and launch anti-dowry helplines. It has not done all these because they do not want to do anything positive for the people. Their only intention is to protect interests of these agencies (business houses) that donate to party funds during elections.

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